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Cancelation Policy

ASH Classes and Skills Classes

If for any reason you have to cancel before the end of a session/class you will be credited or refunded the remaining portion less a 10% administrative fee. If you registered outside of One on One Basketball, you must contact the agency you registered through.

Camps and Leagues

One on One does not offer refunds for cancellations before the start of a Camp or League. Space is limited and we cannot be sure that a cancelled space will be filled. Special circumstances will be considered.

Club Teams

There are limited positions available for One on One Club Teams, therefore there are no refunds for injuries, sickness or change of plans once you have committed.

Inclement Weather

Should facilities be closed and/or a program is cancelled due to inclement weather, One on One is not obligated to reschedule the program.


Should you wish to join a program after the official start date, you will be required to pay full price. Pro-rating is at the discretion of the Regional Director.

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